'I'd Defend Myself, Too': Chileans back abuse survivors

Cynthia Concha arrived at the prison in Concepción, Chile, with no clothes other than the dirty ones she was wearing.

The guards did not provide her with clean garments, or even a toothbrush, but Ms Concha had not thought about packing. She was bruised, shaken and in shock.

She had just killed her husband.

That day, in September 2019, Ms Concha's husband threatened to kill her, blocking their bedroom door as she tried to escape. Fearing for her life, she fought against him, causing his death through asphyxiation as they struggled.

She handed herself in to the police immediately and was promptly arrested while an investigation took place.

After two months of pre-trial detention, followed by almost two years under house arrest, the state prosecutor finally confirmed what she had dreaded the most: if found guilty, she would face a 20-year prison sentence.

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