Find Joy In The Mayhem: Nathy Peluso’s Live Show Is A Reckless Ride

Nathy Peluso is a tricky artist to write about because it’s impossible to pinpoint the music she makes. The Argentine explores styles and genres with unrivalled dexterity, spasmodically dropping singles that break from previous work and don’t belong to any album or cohesive project; her 2017 break out hit 'Corashe' is a brazen rap anthem, which was followed months later by sorrowful, soulful EP 'La Sandunguera'. Her 2020 debut album 'Calambre' is infused with Latin styles including bossa nova, bachata and salsa, and 2022 single 'Emergencia' voyeuristically escalates from throbbing electro into a full-blown rave. It’s impossible to say what will come next.


Pic: Val Palavecino