Paloma Mami Is Not Going To Apologise

Paloma Mami’s favorite Chilean slang word is conchatumadre, “I say it every day,” she tells Clash, laughing. It loosely translates to a bastard or c*nt; and it’s not surprising that it’s Paloma’s slang of choice.

The 21-year-old Chilean-American R&B star has been on the defensive ever since she started making music in 2018. Based in Santiago, Chile, she’s endured criticism for not being Chilean enough because she grew up in New York. The Chilean press – almost as toxic as its UK counterpart – have relentlessly scrutinized her for her appearance, shamelessly debating her body and its “realness”. Each one of her interviews has been dissected by online trolls scavenging to find any dirt to trash her with.  

But Paloma’s music expresses a sense of power, exerting strength and self-assuredness. She’s got no patience for anyone who patronizes her or holds her back. She’s beyond it all — and proves so on her debut album Sueños de Dali, named after the legendary Spanish surrealist to whom she feels strongly connected.  

“Dalí was so unapologetically himself,” she explains. “He didn’t care about what other people thought about his art.”  

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